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Failure Mode and Effect Analysis for the evaluation of environmental impacts of animal slaughter

The Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is a method of product or process analysis to detect and eliminate potential problems in a systematic and complete way. The abattoirs lead to significant impacts on the environment, which the major problem in those processes is the lack of modern equipment to promote the removal of malodorous gases and toxic effluents. The aim of this study was to elaborate the FMEA application forms in a medium-sized abattoir in the region of Poços de Caldas (MG), which performs the cattle and pig slaughter, with the purpose of diagnosing its potential risks caused, and the environmental controls exercised in relation to the slaughter line and rendering plant. It was observed that the meat industry represents a great potential pollution on the natural effluents, because the resulting blood of the slaughter is an agent of great impact on the water ecosystem.

cattle slaughter; pig slaughter; pollution control; wastewater

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