River Water Contamination Resulting from the Mariana Disaster, Brazil

Meri Diana Strauss Foesch Marcio Rocha Francelino Pablo Azevedo Rocha Adalberto Rodrigues Lira Gomes About the authors


Following a disruption on November 5, 2015, the Gualaxo do Norte and Carmo Rivers received iron tailings from the Fundão Dam in Mariana, Minas Gerais, which affected the water’s physiochemical attributes. This study aimed to better understand the impact of this event by evaluating water quality variations, comparing results from previous studies and the limits established in the National Environmental Council (Conama), Resolution 357. For six months, water samples were collected monthly at six points, three in the Gualaxo do Norte River and three in the Carmo River. Turbidity, color, and dissolved metal values were recorded for thirty-six samples, and it was determined that the Gualaxo do Norte River had higher contamination levels than those established in the Conama Resolution 357. According to the results, this study recommends the development of specific analyses and a special water quality classification system.

pollution; physicochemical characteristics; water quality; environmental monitoring; environmental impact

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