Allometric Relations in Leaves of Erythroxylum pauferrense: Endemic Species of Alto-Montana Forest in the Northeast Region, Brazil

Ana Jéssica Soares Barbosa José Nailson Barros Santos Manoel Bandeira de Albuquerque About the authors


Studies of leaf surface are important for the ecophysiological context. We tested 12 allometric equations to estimate the leaf area of the endemic species Erythroxylum pauferrense Plowman, using different morphometric measurements (n = 600). The analysis of variance (p < 0.001), determination coefficient (R2adj), standard error of estimates (Sxy), and graphical interpretation of the dispersion of errors were used to select the models. The residual bias was estimated through the confidence interval using t-Student distribution (p = 0.01). Simple linear equations (Ŷ = 0.0244 + 0.7204 × CxL) and power functions (Ŷ = 0.7279 × CxL0.9971) were validated from an independent sample of leaves, confirming their accuracy. The results are important to guide actions of conservation of the endemic species.

Erythroxylaceae; allometry; leaf area

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