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Effects of the Pilates method on neck pain: a systematic review

Efeitos do método Pilates nas dores cervicais: uma revisão sistemática

Natália Fernanda Cemin Emanuelle Francine Detogni Schmit Cláudia Tarragô Candotti About the authors



The Pilates method has been used for neck pain reduction.


To systematically review randomized and non-randomized controlled trials that assessed the effects of Pilates on neck pain when compared to other groups (CRD42015025987).


This study involved a systematic review directed by the PRISMA Statement based on the recommendations of the Cochrane Colaboration, registered in PROSPERO under the code CRD42015025987. The following databases were searched: Cochrane CENTRAL, EMBASE, PubMed, Science Direct, Scopus and Web of Science, using the terms “Pilates” AND “Neck pain”, without language and date restrictions.


Of a total of 73 identified studies, two were included herein since they fulfilled the eligibility criteria (at least one intervention group applying Pilates), where we evaluated the methodological quality by the Downs and Black scale and evidence strength with the Best Evidence Synthesis. Pain and disability decreased from the sixth session, with gradual improvement in up to 24 sessions.


Few studies are available using Pilates to decrease pain, and moderate evidence exists of positive Pilates effects on pain and function in patients with neck pain.

Neck Pain; Pilates; Exercise Therapy; Systematic Review

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