Oral supplementation of L-carnitine combined with exercise and respiratory training in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: preliminary study

To evaluate the effects of oral supplementation of L-carnitine associated with physical and respiratory muscles training in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Participated 14 COPD volunteers (65±10.4 years), divided in group training mat (GTM) and respiratory muscle training group (RMTG). Passed by the six minute walk test (6MWT) and shuttle walk test (SWT), nutritional assessment of body mass index (BMI), dose recommended daily L-carnitine and evaluation of the inspiratory muscle training (IMT) and expiratory muscle training (EMT). They made 30 min walk on a treadmill 3 times/week for 10 weeks, and the RMTG also carried out 10 min with inspiratory muscle training (Threshold® IMT) and 10 min with expiratory muscle training (Threshold® PEP) with 50% of the MIP and MEP adjusted weekly. After 10 weeks, the volunteers were reevaluated. In 6MWT pre and post physical training programs, the variables changed were distance travelled (DT), final cardiac frequency (FCF), final systolic blood pressure (FSBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP) and final Borg in RMTG. At GTM the variables changed were initial CF, final CF, SBP final, initial Borg and DT. Comparing the groups, we showed that in 6MWT, GTM presented final CF, final DBP and final Borg higher than RMTG in reevaluation. In shuttle walk test, the final SBP and final Borg were higher in GTM, and DT was higher in RMTG. In respiratory evaluation, the MEP was higher in RMTG in reevaluation. The aerobic training and L-carnitine supplementation in COPD patients presented performance optimization, improvement in physical capacity and greater exercise tolerance.

carnitine; exercise; pulmonary disease; chronic obstructive

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