Reading comprehension evaluation using the Cloze Oriented System (COS)

Maria Cristina Rodrigues Azevedo Joly Jaqueline Bonassi Anelise Silva Dias Nayane Martoni Piovezan Diego Vinícius da Silva About the authors

The Cloze Oriented System (COS) is a procedure that adequate texts due to their level of difficulty in order to evaluate the reading comprehension. This study evaluate the reading comprehension of middle school students. There were 331 students from the 6th to the 9th grade, 51,7% of them female. Three texts, in which the COS was applied, were used with different omission criteria. The students answered the instruments collectively, in two sessions. The results showed significant differences due to gender and grade, the girls and the higher grade students had the best performance. There were found correlation of moderate magnitude and highly significant between the tests, showed a direct relation between the different types of test.

reading; Cloze; middle school

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