The teacher and his responsibility in contemporary society

Ingrid Lilian Fuhr About the author


Contemporary society can be characterized by five aspects that constitute the ends of a pentagram. We live in a schooled society, where school occupies the central place of social organization; scientist, since all knowledge present in everyday life has social recognition if legitimated by science; market, since economic logic rules people’s lives; judicialized, when people choose the legal ways to solve their personal problems, denying the possibility of dialogue; and medicalized, in which social problems are understood in the light of medical science as pathological. This paper aims to examine how the five aspects that constitute the pentagram of contemporary society are present in the teaching profession and to what extent the teacher abdicates his social responsibility. It is aimed to demonstrate that in the last decades teaching was disqualified in its professional exercise. Increasingly, teachers act as compliant with an educational program that is detached from their classroom reality.

teacher; social responsibility; contemporary society

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