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Between "Borralho" and "Divino": the musical emergency of periphery

The periphery is in evidence in the media not only in Brazil but also worldwide. This paper discusses the role of music in this emergency of the periphery from the analysis of some examples of the soundtracks of telenovelas Cheias de charme (Globo, 2012, 19h) and Avenida Brasil (Globo, 2012, 21h). Despite their diverse sonority, this repertoire activates a common feeling of "popular", related to the ideia of periphery. Periphery is a term that appears positively in shared musical repertoire, which evokes social tensions and confrontations. The music is a form of thought and action in the world, sharing values and ideas. In this case, peripheral mass musics produce ways of negotiating power asymmetries and hierarchical social affiliations.

popular music; periphery; telenovela

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