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A pesquisa sobre o comportamento sexual na França na era da AIDS e sua continuidade

Michel Bozon About the author

This paper proposes to report on the situation of research on sexual behaviour in France in the AIDS era. I will present the implementation of sexual behaviour monitoring programs and their continuity. The first research study (ACSF - analysis of sexual behaviour in France) took place in 1992, and dealt with sexuality in its broader sense. The French research device included three types of data: quantitative surveys with specific populations, a series of 5 (five) KABP (knowledge, attitudes and practices) type studies, and finally, a set of qualitative studies. In the conclusion I highlight the importance of the European comparison project. The comparison allowed us to relativise national data and to differentiate the universal social processes from process that are more specific of each culture.

sexuality; HIV/AIDS; France; research on sexual behaviour

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