Grupos Focais de Intervenção no projeto Sexualidade e Reprodução

Maria de Nazareth Agra Hassen About the author

The Sexuality and Reproduction project (1998-2001) created a method of intervention in low income social groups, dealing with themes related to sexuality and reproductive health. The data collection was carried out through the Focal Intervention Groups (Grupos Focais de Intervenção - GFI), where people were gathered into groups according to cultural affinity and traits and, under the guidance of anthropologist researchers from NUPACS/UFRGS (Núcleo de Pesquisa em Antropologia do Corpo e da Saúde/UFRGS), discussed themes that interested them and then elaborated materials to publicize their ideas. These materials were the basis for other groups to debate issues such as teenage pregnancy, the first sexual relation, contraception, STDs and AIDS, sexual violence, and to create other materials that would be part of this continuum.

education; formation; methodology; health; sexuality; educational materials

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