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Morphological and chemical characterization of fruits of Capsicum spp. accessions

Caracterização morfológica e química de frutos de acessos do gênero Capsicum spp

Elizanilda R do Rêgo Mailson M do Rêgo Izadora Wally F de Matos Lidiany Aparecida Barbosa About the authors

This study aimed to evaluate 69 Capsicum accessions from the Germplasm Bank of Universidade Federal de Roraima, for some fruit quality traits. The experiment was performed in a completely random design, with 69 treatments and 3 replications. The 69 accessions were evaluated for fourteen quantitative and two qualitative traits of ripe fruits. Quantitative fruits data were subjected to an analysis of variance, and the means were grouped by Scott-Knott test (p<0.01). All characteristics had significant effect of treatments (p<0.01) for all evaluated traits. The data showed high genetic variability to future use in a Capsicum breeding program. The accessions 33, 44 and 41 showed major values for dry matter content and total soluble solids; these should be used to improve these traits in a paprika breeding program. On the other hand, the accession 48 showed major values for fresh weight, major fruit length and fruit width. The accession 33, belonging to the Capsicum frutescens species, with high vitamin C content should be used in a fresh market Capsicum breeding program.

pepper; chili; breeding; germplasm; Amazonian; fruit quality

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