'BRSIPR Bel': A chip-processing potato cultivar with tubers of good appearance

Arione S Pereira Nilceu RX Nazareno Giovani O Silva Odone Bertoncini Caroline M Castro Élcio Hirano Antonio C Bortoletto Rosa O Treptow Leonardo F Dutra Mirtes F Lima César B Gomes Ana CR Krolow Carlos AB Medeiros Luis AS Castro Fábio A Suinaga Carlos A Lopes Paulo E Melo About the authors

'BRSIPR Bel' is a potato cultivar for frying as chips and shoestring sticks with oval tubers, and an attractive appearance, with medium shallow eyes, white smooth skin, and cream flesh. It shows low glucose content and light color chips and shoestring sticks similar to 'Atlantic'. Maturity is medium-late and dormancy is relatively long. It presents high yielding potential, with high percentage of marketable tubers, high specific gravity, and low incidence of tubers with physiological disorders. It is moderately susceptible to Phytophthora infestans, which can be managed effectively with fungicides, moderately resistant to early blight (Alternaria solani) and to Potato Virus Y (PVY).

Solanum tuberosum; shoestring sticks; breeding; processing; variety.

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