Giovanni Battista Marini Bettolo: his role in the development of chemistry in Uruguay

Bernardo Borkenztain Amílcar Davyt Fernando Ferreira Patrick Moyna About the authors

Uruguay is a small South American country where the teaching of chemistry has been centralized at the Universidad de la República's School of Chemistry since 1929. Traditionally centered on teaching the academic community at this institution, the School began moving towards a heavier emphasis on research when Professor Giovanni Marini Bettolo arrived in Uruguay in 1948. The article examines Bettolo's role and the role of the researchers trained by him and his successors. This is a preliminary approach to the study of the quantitative and qualitative impact that this set of teachers had within overall research production in chemistry in Uruguay; it is meant as a first step that lays a foundation for future studies of the topic.

Marini Bettolo; research; Uruguay; chemistry

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