'Fueguinos', Robert Lehmann-Nitsche, and the study of the Ona at the Buenos Aires National Exhibit (1898)

Diego A. Ballestero About the author

Among the first projects of German anthropologist Robert Lehmann-Nitsche as head of the Museum de La Plata's Department of Anthropology in Argentina was his research on the inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego, deemed evolutionary 'relics' of humanity. The article explores the role of shows and exhibits as spaces where science was popularized and where late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century scholars could do field work. The focus is on the presentation of 'fueguinos' at European shows and exhibits, debates, and studies, especially the work of Robert Lehmann-Nitsche at the National Exhibit of Argentinean Industry, held in Buenos Aires, 1898.

anthropological practices; exhibits of indigenes; nineteenth century; Robert Lehmann-Nitsche (1872-1938)

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