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Joaquim Monteiro Caminhoá: an exemplary doctor of the Brazilian Imperial period, 1858-1896


Joaquim Monteiro Caminhoá was one of the most important men of science during the Brazilian Imperial period, with an established career and international recognition. But his historical trajectory has not been properly studied, and it features gaps which can lead to reflections. This article is the result of research examining the scientific production compiled by this scholar and analyzing it with attention to the broader social context in which it was conceived. Caminhoá’s production is important proof that scientific production was present in the Brazilian Imperial period during the second half of the nineteenth century, and reveals the richness of thought of this Brazilian scholar.

Joaquim Monteiro Caminhoá (1836-1896; history of science; Brazilian Imperial period; botany; Faculdade de Medicina do Rio de Janeiro

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