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The “second slavery” in the Princess of the Valley (Vassouras, RJ) and in the Princess of the West (Campinas, SP), 1797-1888


The paper aims to discuss the “second slavery”, in the light of the slave experience of Campinas (SP), a region until now scarcely studied by the main thinkers of this current of thought. The paper is divided in three parts and a conclusion: the first one analyzes the “second slavery” as formulated by its main proponents; the second one makes an incursion into the historiography of Vassouras (RJ), developed according to the “second slavery”; the third one we analyze slavery in Campinas (SP) at the moment of deep economic and social transformations in the transition from the sugar economy to the coffee, stressing similarities and differences vis-à-vis Vassouras (RJ). In the conclusions, a reflection on the capacity of the “second slavery” to illuminate the experience of Campinas, and vice versa.

“Second slavery”; Sugar economy; Coffee economy; Campinas (SP); Nineteenth century

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