Heliantheae s.l. (Asteraceae) from Parque Estadual do Biribiri, Diamantina, Minas Gerais State, Brazil

Danilo Marques Jimi Naoki Nakajima About the authors

Heliantheae s.l., the third largest tribe in the Asteraceae family, has 48 genera and 379 species in Brazil, with 199 species restricted to this country. The tribe is very representative of Espinhaço Range flora, which presents a great diversity and endemism. This work presents the taxonomic treatment of Heliantheae s.l. of Parque Estadual do Biribiri (PEB), located in the Espinhaço Range, Diamantina municipality, Minas Gerais State. It provides an identification key, morphological description, geographic distribution, and taxonomic commentaries for each species. The tribe Heliantheae s.l. in PEB has nine genera and 16 species: Acanthospermum, Aldama, Cosmos, Dimerostemma, Galinsoga, and Melampodium (one species each); Aspiliaand Bidens (three spp. each), and Calea (four spp.). The PEB has a great number of species Heliantheae s.l.compared with other areas of Minas Gerais State, and it has 12.5% of its species restricted to Minas Gerais State, revealing the importance of this park to protect the flora of Espinhaço Range.

Compositae; endemism; Espinhaço Range; floristics

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