Chlorococcales sensu latu (Chlorophyceae) from a subtropical lotic ecosystem, Paraná state, Brazil

This study aimed to perform the taxonomic survey of Chlorococcales from Cascavel River, municipality of Cascavel, Paraná State, Brazil. Samples of the biological material (periphytic, metaphytic and phytoplanktonic) were collected monthly from July 2010 to June 2011, in three sampling stations along of the river. This paper resulted in the identification of 30 taxa, belonging to 16 genera (Desmodesmus (8) and Pediastrum (4) were the ones that presented the largest number of species) and six taxonomic families. A total of five new citations were recorded for the Paraná State: Chlorotetraedron incus (Teiling) Kom, Desmodesmus pseudodenticulatus (Hegew.) Hegew., Dictyosphaerium chlorelloides (Naum.) Kom. & Perm., Oocystis marssonii Lemm. and Pediastrum duplex var. gracillimum West & G.S. West.

green algae; periphyton; phytoplankton; taxonomy

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