Callus induction and betacyanin quantification by HPLC/MS-MS in Alternanthera brasiliana (L.) Kuntze1 1 Parte da Dissertação de Mestrado do primeiro Autor

Indução de calo e quantificação de betacianinas por CLAE/MS-MS em Alternanthera brasiliana (L.) Kuntze

Andressa Reis Alítcia Moraes Kleinowski Fátima Rosane Schuquel Klein Renata Trevizan Telles de Souza Luciano do Amarante Eugenia Jacira Bolacel Braga About the authors


The objective of this study was to establish a protocol for callus induction and betacyanin production in plants of Alternanthera brasiliana. Explants of A. brasiliana and five combinations of cytokinin and auxin were used for callus induction. Calli were transferred to a Betacyanin Induction Medium (MIB), composed of MS, with 0.5 mg L-1 of thidiazuron (TDZ) and 1 mg L-1 of naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA), and kept in the light for 45 days. The aspect and intensity of pigments were assessed and total betacyanins were quantified in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The combination of internodal segments and a medium containing equilibrium concentrations of auxins and cytokinins was the most efficient metod to induce calli and increased production of betacyanins. The presence of amaranthine in calli of A. brasiliana justifies its medical use and the consequent need for future studies for the large-scale production of this molecule.

in vitro growth; medicinal plants; phyto-regulators; pigments

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