Educational intervention due to illegal possession of drugs: an experience report

André Bomfim Dias Eliseu de Oliveira Cunha Vania Nora Bustamante Dejo About the authors

This paper reports the experience of a group that treats people sent by the justice to be subject to educational intervention, because of misconduct typified in the Article 28 of the Law 11.343/2006 – illegally carrying drugs for personal consumption. Along six weekly meetings, five participants talked about the pleasure and suffering associated with drug use, the difficulties to endure the abstinence, the possibilities for minimizing risks and damages, their life projects, and the legalization as a strategy for promoting health and weakening drug traffic and criminality. Despite the compulsory nature of the intervention, it fostered critical and emancipatory reflections about the use of drugs in contemporaneity. It is highlighted in this scenario, the relevance of reports of educational projects that march in the opposite direction of discourses proposing subjection and punishment.

Substance related disorders; Drug policy; Educational intervention

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