Forms, formers and fragments: performance and auto-ethnographic exploration of gaps, breaches and cracks in academic knowledge production

Aline Veras Morais Brilhante Cláudio Moreira About the authors

In this performance auto-ethnography, we explore the simultaneity of both telling and enduring stories of experiences as educators. Using our lives as the source, we build upon our experiences of professor, responsible in the process of educating our new colleagues using autoethnography (AE) and performance writing (PW) as our theoretical and methodological framework. The PW of AE reveals a tension between past and present; a productive tension between appearance and reality that is needed in maintaining intellectual sanity in daily life. In many ways this essay is a performance script – a critical turn-taking dialogue with and about AE and PW in Brazilian academic world; a collective theorizing on performance autoethnography and the particularity of the experiences surfacing in the process; a performance in the writing; an actual staged performance in front of a live audience; a written performance for interested readers.

Autoethnography; Performance studies; Performance writing

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