Student views on drugs in the use of an educational game

This essay emphasizes the relevance of cultural intervention in the use of educational technologies. To this end, it describes the perception of 62 students from government schools in Rio de Janeiro, concerning topics broached in the "Jogo da Onda" - a game on drug use - as well as the group's interest in the material. On the basis of focus groups, observation of games being played, and questionnaires, drug use has been shown to be related to peer pressure, easy access to drugs and the fact that individual or merely occasional consumption are not seen as behaviors capable of leading to chemical dependence. The dissonance between the students' view and the repressive-preventive and/or informational-technical discourse suggests that educational actions should focus on how the information transmitted is understood, with a view to developing interaction, dialogue, information and reflection.

Healthcare education; educational material; social representation; educational game

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