Brazilian researchers in Medical Anthropology Postgraduate Studies in Spain: Experience Report

Stela Maris Aguiar Lemos Fabiane Rosa Gioda Fernanda Martinhago Rinaldo Conde Bueno Angel Martínez-Hernáez About the authors

The purpose of this manuscript was to report and discuss the experience of Brazilian health researchers, going through a program in the area of anthropology. This experience report aims to acknowledge and critical discuss the experiences of the researchers in the anthropology field of continued and permanent education, in the background of the PhD course in Anthropology and Communication of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, Spain. The immersion studies on medical anthropology and global health done by the researchers widened their understanding of the health-disease-care process, enabling the analysis of the phenomenon from another perspective, where the society and cultural values are strongly present.

Medical Anthropology; International educational exchange; Continuing education; Incorporation of anthropological knowledge

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