Reorientation of professional education in Physiotherapy: a focus on practice settings

Ana Paula Maihack Gauer Fátima Ferretti Carla Rosane Paz Arruda Teo Lucimare Ferraz Maria Cristina Flores Soares About the authors

This paper aimed to identify from the perspective of teachers and students, actions that evidence the reorientation of vocational training in physiotherapy happening under the line of practice settings recommended by the Pro-Saude Program. A qualitative research using the case study method, was performed in a Community University, where 16 students and 11 teachers of the Physiotherapy course as participants. Data collection was carried out by focus group and interview. Among the actions that demonstrate the reorientation of vocational training we highlight: achievement the situational diagnosis, practices in growing complexity degrees, diversification of practices in professional disciplines, interdisciplinary experiences in public health service, multidisciplinary practices and interventions in Primary Care. To promote advances in the vocational training process, it is necessary to create teaching-learning continuous strategies and to plan practices settings integrated with health services.

Human resources in health training; Physioterapy; National health programs

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