Preceptor’s best practices in a multiprofessional residency: interface with interprofessionality

Cristiane Trivisiol Arnemann Maria Henriqueta Luce Kruse Denise Gastaldo Alan Cristian Rodrigues Jorge André Luis da Silva Ane Glauce Freitas Margarites Cassio Lamas Pires Nádia Mora Kuplich Maite Telles dos Santos Robledo Leal Condessa About the authors


In this article, based on Appreciative Inquiry, we present and discuss the best practices of a group of preceptors from a multiprofessional health residency program in Brazil. The best practices we identified are the multiprofessional consultation, the reception given to residents, and the integrated actions among different majors of the residency. In addition, we identified their strategies to develop the practices in health settings. The practices follow the presuppositions of interprofessional education, as they promote the reflection of different actors on the construction of practices that aim at the provision of better healthcare for users of the Brazilian National Health System (SUS).

Interprofessional education; Permanent health education; Multiprofessional health residencies; Appreciative inquiry; Professional practice

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