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Multiprofessional health-related graduate courses: results from experiences using active methodologies

This study aimed to evaluate the results from an experience of multiprofessional health-related graduate courses based on active methodologies, from the viewpoint of its graduates. The methodological design consisted of an evaluative investigation that brought together quantitative and qualitative approaches. A structured questionnaire, semistructured interview and focus group were used as the data-gathering instruments. The quantitative treatment of the data consists in a frequency description, using the chi-square test and extension of Fisher's exact test. In qualitative terms, the method of sense interpretation based on hermeneutic and dialectic perspectives was used. Among the main results, the significant positive reaction to the course can be highlighted. Limits to the application of the results from the course to professional practice were also seen, mainly because of structural questions. It was concluded that use of active methodologies might contribute towards professional training at postgraduate level that is better aligned with the current national healthcare policies.

Graduate in education; Evaluation; Active teaching-learning methodologies

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