People experiencing mental suffering in process of recovery: life trajectories

Fabrine Costa Marques Mayara Karoline Silva Lacerda Juliana Pereira Alves Aparecida Rosângela Silveira Cristina Andrade Sampaio About the authors

The aim of this study was to understand the life trajectories of people experiencing mental suffering in process of recovery and identify which experiences they recognize as forms of this process. We conducted a qualitative study based on narratives interpreted using discourse analysis. The analysis of the trajectories showed that childhood experiences, combined with family conflict, were highlighted as being responsible for breaking family and affective ties, leading to drug and alcohol use, crime, prostitution, homelessness and wandering. The findings show that the modes of recovery used by the participants, through access to public policies, support from civil society organizations and spiritual comfort, can help build and maintain a healthier life.

Recovery; Mental health; Personal narrative; Qualitative research

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