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What do news-values say about the Brazilian National Health System? Exploring the theoretical-conceptual frameworks of newsworthiness (abstract: p. 15)

News-values are factors intrinsic to facts that determine their potential as news stories. The present study proposes a reflection on the theoretical-conceptual framework that structures the news and that support the analytical choices to study the news coverage of the Brazilian National Health System (SUS). Comparatively, it discusses the typology developed by authors Traquina and Silva about the selected news values. Silva adds to Tranquina’s classification by adding news values “knowledge”, “entertainment/curiosity”, “government”, and “justice” The author considers that some values act as criteria when selecting the news, thus considered macro news values. Furthermore, the values “interesting” and “important” encompass the entire field of newsworthiness. These variables say a lot about social reality, proving to be powerful categories of analysis of news coverage in health.

Newsworthiness criteria; News values; Public health systems

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