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Reviewing processes: the Occupational Therapy curricular framework of the Federal University of Sao Paulo

This paper is the report of the review process of the Occupational Therapy course curricular framework of the Federal university of Sao Paulo from 2012 to 2014. The four stages comprise 4320 hours distributed over four years in a full time period highlighting the following aspects: reduction of total hour schedule, change of composition of practical activities in Occupational Therapy, curricular flexibilization with the introduction of electives courses and articulation between disciplines, consolidating Research and Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy. These are some of the questions that present themselves on a daily basis, and showed that the curricular reformulation should be included in a continuous process, whenever the stakeholder pose doubts and questions about the way to strengthen of the Occupational Therapy as part of the Brazilian public policies.

Higher education; Occupation therapy; Curriculum

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