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The challenge of continuing education in the strengthening of Psychological Care Networks

Fernando Sfair Kinker Maria Inês Badaró Moreira Carla Bertuol About the authors

This article presents the thematic proposal of the mental Health Graduate Course of the Federal University of São Paulo, and discusses its conceptual strategies in the scope of continuing education and the implementation of actions in Mental Health in the Psychosocial Care Network. The aim of the course was to promote the understanding of suffering and the daily dimensions that are affected in people’s life as a starting point for mental health actions in dialogue with the proposal of building a new object for mental health interventions in the context of the Psychiatric Reform. It also provided the possibility of working in a network based on territorial actions grounded on this way of understanding the mental health object. At the end of this experience, it was possible to recognize greater involvement and situations of encounter between users and workers from different points in the network.

Psychological stress; Continuing education; Psychiatric reform; Psychosocial care network

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