Active teaching-learning methodologies for pharmaceutical education: a report on experience

The pedagogical practices and projects of healthcare courses have been the target of interventions aimed at taking into account the needs of contemporary society. The training for pharmacists is no exception and, in this, the correlation between theory and practice is highlighted, along with the need for a comprehensive view of individuals and the environment that surrounds them. Based on these points, this article aimed to address the use of active teaching-learning methodologies in the Discipline of Pharmaceutical Care and Assistance of the Pharmacy Course at the Franciscan University Center (UNIFRA), reporting on the advances and difficulties observed. Each semester, seven case studies covering health problems, pharmacotherapy and problems relating to medications were conducted. The results highlighted the shaping of students who were capable of intervening in and constructing their own futures with responsibility and commitment towards humanistic and general training.

Active teaching methodologies; Problem-based learning; Pharmacy education

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