Interventions strategies within Occupational Therapy consonant with the transformations in mental health care in Brazil

Daniela Tonizza de Almeida Érika Renata Trevisan About the authors

This study investigated how the changes that have been taking place within mental health care in Brazil have recently been transforming occupational therapists' practices, through an analysis on scientific articles published between 2002 and 2008. It was considered that there were significant changes relating to the concept of mental health, in which disease-centered care was abandoned in order to focus on health promotion, revival of citizenship and social participation. The idea of activity was given new meaning and the therapeutic setting was expanded to the territory. In addition, a new theoretical framework in line with proposals for deinstitutionalization and psychosocial rehabilitation was presented. The interdisciplinary actions proposed by substitutive services were in agreement with the theoretical assumptions that sustain the profession. Likewise, occupational therapists have made effective contributions towards consolidating psychiatric reform in Brazil.

Occupational Therapy; Mental Health; Deinstitutionalization

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