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Objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE): a teaching experience using simulation of pharmaceutical care

Dayani Galato Graziela Modolon Alano Tainã Formentin França Ana Cristina Vieira About the authors

Simulation of pharmaceutical care aims to assess students' clinical skills. It comprises an educational tool that has three steps: (a) setting the stage and preparing the cases; (b) simulation; and (c) evaluation. The simulated cases consist of information that is provided spontaneously to students at the beginning of the simulation and other, complementary information that only becomes known if it is investigated. All of the simulated attendance is filmed, which enables analysis of the communication. The evaluation process starts with reading the case, analysis of the video and application of the tool that has been developed. This examination provides students with an opportunity to improve their skills and attitudes in relation to provision of pharmaceutical care, in addition to deepening their knowledge about the situations that were simulated.

Training for healthcare professionals; OSCE; Simulation; Teaching methodology; Pharmacy education; Pharmaceutical care

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