The vagina-school: interdisciplinary seminar on violence against woman in the teaching of the health professions

Carmen Simone Grilo Diniz Denise Yoshie Niy Halana Faria de Aguiar Andrezzo Priscila Cavalcanti Albuquerque Carvalho Heloisa de Oliveira Salgado About the authors

The teaching of obstetrics in Brazil traditionally requires the student to perform a number of procedures to be evaluated, which led to an uninformed use, not consented, the vaginas of the poorest mothers by students of medicine and other professions, for the surgical skills training. Such abuses remain standardized by an institutional culture that does not recognize them as rights violations, promoting teaching skills taken off the teaching of users values and rights. To promote a dialogue between the sectors involved, in March 2015 the event “The Vagina school: seminar on violence against women in the teaching of the health professions” was promoted. The workshop was especially opportune for following the recent World Health Organization (WHO) statement “Prevention and elimination of abuse, disrespect and ill-treatment during childbirth in health institutions”, reinforcing the urgency of the theme in Public Health.

Violence against woman; Gender relations; Childbirth care; Teaching of the health professions

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