The path of the line of care from the perspective of non-transmissible chronic diseases

Deborah Carvalho Malta Emerson Elias Merhy About the authors

This study characterizes the line of care from the perspectives of micro and macropolicies and management. The example of chronic Non-Communicable Diseases - (NCD) is taken because of their magnitude and characteristics: long-term diseases requiring intense action from caregivers, therapeutic projects, access to services and integrated actions. The study discusses the perspective of the line of care centered on the field of users' needs and presupposes the existence of a caregiver, use of soft technologies, adequacy of therapeutic projects, existence of service networks that support the actions needed, access to healthcare resources available and actions regarding social determinants and the regulatory process. The development of promotion, prevention, surveillance and care policies for CNTDs is discussed, bringing in actions within the fields of micro and macropolicies and including interventions relating to social determinants, legislation, technologies and tools.

Line of care; Autonomy; Micropolicy; Healthcare work; Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases

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