Reflective processes and competencies involved in the teaching practice at university: a case study

Caetano da Costa Lisete Diniz Ribas Casagrande Julieta Ueta About the authors

Founded on practical rationality, this qualitative case study aimed to explore the teaching practice at university, focusing on teacher's reflection and competencies. To this end, the study described, analyzed, and interpreted the teaching practices which, in the interaction with students of a course in the pharmacy program, brought about dilemma situations and opportunities to learn problem-solving and decision-making skills. Throughout the study, students were encouraged to use knowledge-in-action, reflection-in-action, and reflection-on-action, processes that were also experienced by the teacher. Analysis of the records from classroom observation and of the interviews with students and the teacher showed the fundamental role of such reflective processes, which led to the attainment of the intended objectives. In this sense, the teacher's reflective practice was essential to support the execution of each curricular component of the course.

Higher education; Faculty; Professional competence; Case studies

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