Co-constyruction of the healthcare autonomy for person with diabetes

Rosilei Teresinha Weiss Baade Edison Bueno About the authors

This is a qualitative research on the co-construction of the autonomy of care for individuals with diabetes through the reflections of diabetic users and health professionals in a team of a specialized public clinic, located in a medium-sized municipality in southern Brazil. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews of people with diabetes, health professionals and a conversation meeting with professionals about the discourses of these users. The analysis was guided by content analysis, specifically thematic analysis. Listening, expanded clinical approach and co-management proved to be key strategies to understand and live and copel with diabetes as a singular process by creating strategies shared between disease bearers and health professionals, where the disease is part of life, not life part of the disease

Co-construction; Diabetes mellitus; Autonomy; Care; Expanded care

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