Meanings of agroecology in the production, distribution and consumption of agroecological food in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina State, Brazil

Deise Warmling Rodrigo Otávio Moretti-Pires About the authors

The study aimed to describe the meanings attributed to agroecology by stakeholders involved in the production and use of the agroecological food network, in Florianópolis. Five participants in the study were: an agronomist, a nutritionist, a farmer, a seller in the market and a consumer. The methodological and epistemological perspective was social constructionism. Meanings described included: the healthy food, fit for certification; sustainable production; fair trade; farmers’ culture; relations of reciprocity. After analyzing the results, there are two main axes: meanings directly and indirectly related to the insertion of agroecology in the markets; and meanings related to agroecology as a movement geared towards building a different model of society. The multiplicity assumption prevailed, where the various narratives allow us to broaden the debate and perceptions on the topic.

Agroecology; Agroecological food; Susteinable agriculture; Social constructionism

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