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Participatory culture: citizenship-building process in Brazil

This study aims to describe the elements – context and resources –influencing social participation in a Municipal Health Council (MHC). It is a descriptive research using a qualitative approach. Data collection was done through direct observation of the MHC dynamics and semi-structured interviews with its members. Data analysis was based on thematic analysis, aiming to fit into the categories established by World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the dimensions of context and resources that influence participatory culture, such as: i) awareness related to political participation; ii) civil society organization; iii) structures and spaces; iv) resources; v) knowledge; and vi) impact of policies and past practices. As a result, authors found problems with regards to these components, as well as the fact that social participation is still weak and its biggest obstacles are related to communication between stakeholders and social institutions.

Social participation; Municipal health council; Participatory culture

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