Zika, women’s prominent role and care: rehearsing contact zones

Martha Cristina Nunes Moreira Corina Helena Figueira Mendes Marcos Nascimento About the authors

In this essay, we dialogue with themes launched in the post-epidemic debate of Zika Vírus (ZIKAV), on the lives of women and children. We analyzed 23 Brazilian papers published between 2016 and 2017, selected in Brazilian journals, in the fields of Social and Human Sciences. There is a mixed speech of claiming for rights - grand narratives of social appeal and explanation by the social forces of a negligent State – associated with minor narratives of caring for a disabled child. We tentatively conclude that the contact zone is the movement of retrieval of the minor narratives in the translation of the iniquities produced by the State in the life of ordinary people.

Disability; Women; Children; Care; Zika

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