Social distancing in times of Covid-19: an analysis of its effects on domestic violence

Emanuella de Castro Marcolino Renata Clemente dos Santos Francisco de Sales Clementino Cláudia Quézia Amado Monteiro Leal Maria Cidney da Silva Soares Francisco Arnoldo Nunes de Miranda Rafaella Queiroga Souto About the authors

This study analyzed the effects of social distancing in times of Covid-19 on domestic violence. We conducted a documentary study of news content in four online national newspapers. The study included news published between 20 March and 25 April 2020 addressing social distancing and domestic violence. A content analysis was conducted using the software IRAMUTEQ adopting the approach proposed by Bardin. The lexicographic and content analysis of the corpus of 102 news items produced four thematic categories: protection networks, the home environment, the increase in cases of domestic violence, and the pandemic as a driver of the phenomenon. Social distancing imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic exacerbated domestic violence, demonstrating the need for interventions and the strengthening of the protection network.

Domestic violence; Violence; Coronavirus; Pandemic; Social distancing

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