Innovation in medical education: matrix support in residency programs

José Maurício de Oliveira Edson Malvezzi Renata Lúcia Gigante Everton Soeiro Gastão Wagner de Sousa Campos About the authors

This study is focused on the application of the Paideia Matrix Support activities in in the Brazilian National Healthy System’s medical residency programs. A mixed methods participatory research was conducted in a municipality outside the capital of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, using the following strategies: exploratory questionnaire, participant observation and focus groups applied to “matrix inducers” (preceptors and interns) and “matrix appliers” (health center local teams). The data was systemized via triangulation of its content and analyzed through Paideia’s Method theoretical and methodological framework. The participants acknowledgedthe innovative nature of such practice, resulting in an improvement of pedagogical and healthcare praxis.

Matrix support; Paideia methodology; Educational models; Intership and residency; Health system

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