Shift turn in a hospital emergency service: perspectives of a multiprofessional team

Vanessa Schorr Luciara Fabiane Sebold José Luís Guedes dos Santos Keyla Cristiane do Nascimento Thaís Alves Matos About the authors

The aim of the study was to learn more about the multiprofessional team’s perspective on shift turn in the emergency service of a university hospital. This was an exploratory and descriptive study with qualitative approach. A total of 15 members of the multiprofessional team were interviewed. Using the content analysis technique, two categories were identified: importance of the multiprofessional team’s active participation in the shift turn, and lack of information standardization in the shift turn for the patient’s safety in the continuity of care. The results indicate low contribution of the multiprofessional team in the shift turn, being possibly related to the organizational culture. Interprofessional trust, promotion of a space that favors the multiprofessional team contribution to discourses and moments to answer questions, and the team’s assiduity are considered facilitators of an effectively multiprofessional shift turn.

Communication; Patient safety; Patient care continuity; Patient care team; Emergency nursing

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