Clinical and institutional supervision as a tool for changes in mental health work management

Ana Kalliny de Sousa Severo Solange L’Abbate Rosana Teresa Onocko Campos About the authors

The aim of Brazilian psychiatric reform is to make significant changes in care for people with mental disorders. In this context, clinical and institutional supervision is one of the main qualifying strategies for transforming the methods of work management and clinical care developed in substitutive services. This paper analyzes the experience of clinical and institutional supervision developed within the mental health network in a small municipality in northeastern Brazil. The theoretical and methodological framework of institutional analysis was used. The subjects were employees of a psychosocial care center and a family health support center. The main analysis parameters were the way in which supervision functioned, service management and municipal management. This tool promoted movement towards establishing a team, thereby providing a partnership between services and the municipal manager, and mobilization of workers as subject groups within the field of mental health.

Psychiatric reform; Clinical and institutional supervision; Institutional analysis; Work management; Mental health

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