Discussing the relation between space and learning in the training of health professionals

This article discusses the relation between space and learning, as a way of thinking of modifications or curricula innovations, based on demands from practice. It analyzes experiences with communities developed by nursing schools, schools of dentistry and medical schools. The epistemological / methodological proposal is based on the theories of complexity and of multiple references. Analysis revealed significant learning experiences for the subjects and indicated that it is not enough to define new teaching sites; it is necessary to reflect upon practice, so that it may be a reference for questioning and transforming traditional forms of conceiving the curricula. Furthermore, it indicated that rethinking the curricula signifies developing a new relationship with knowledge, which implies in changes in the relations between the university and the diverse forms of knowledge in existence and the recognition of the value of learning (re)constructed in experience. In conclusion, the article stresses that the university should institute mechanisms for listening to what various actors have to say about the practices it develops and invest in a solid cultural education that is critical with respect to the students.

Curriculum; training; learning; spaces; education medical

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