Network Support: HumanizaSUS Network connecting possibilities in cyberspace

Ricardo Rodrigues Teixeira Sabrina Ferigato Dalton Martins Lopes Daniela de Carvalho Matielo Maria Luiza Sardenberg Patrícia Silva Luciane Régio Martins Rejane Guedes Pedroza About the authors

The paper of the HumanizaSUS Network (Rede HumanizaSUS) as a virtual environment connecting practices and knowledge about SUS (Brazilian National Health System), conveying the support function in a network. Based on the theoretical framework of Collective Intelligence, we present some dimensions of support experienced on Rede HumanizaSUS as a network intervention technology for strengthening the virtual environment of SUS or CiberespaSUS.

HumanizaSUS Network; Support; Cyberspace

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