Family support from the perspective of patients in psychiatric rehospitalization: a qualitative study

Vanessa Cristina Machado Manoel Antônio dos Santos About the authors

This study aimed to investigate the perception of family involvement in care, especially regarding patient care, based on the psychosocial rehabilitation paradigm. A qualitative approach was used, with semistructured interviews performed with 22 patients in psychiatric rehospitalization. Data interpretation was based on the Psychosocial Care paradigm. The interviewed patients recognized the importance of the support received from their family, both practically and affectively, and acknowledged the difficulties imposed by living with mental distress. On the other hand, respondents highlighted limitations in family relationships and, consequently, in the possibilities of received care, which leads to misunderstandings about the mental illness and to consequent mistrust, as well as overprotection, which can be confounded with deprivation of freedom. Considering these aspects in the context of deinstitutionalization, it is confirmed that the family needs to be included in health promotion interventions, assuming a leading role in psychosocial rehabilitation strategies.

Psychiatric rehospitalization; Family support; Psychosocial care; Psychosocial rehabilitation

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