Health and prevention at schools: elements for evaluating social projects in Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil

Marcelo Silva de Souza Ribeiro Carla Valois Ribeiro About the authors

“Health and prevention at schools” was a course completion project presented by this author at the time of being a student in the multidisciplinary family health residency program. It was a health education initiative that promoted a sexual and reproductive health activity for adolescents in the municipality of Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil. The present study aimed to analyze the conception, methodology and results of this project, taking into consideration its intersectoral action, health-education interface and social effectiveness. Timely completion of this work ensured sustainability for the project and encouraged participation by the school community. The ramifications of the project are shown in the healthcare and education macropolicies that today direct the major intersectoral pacts within this scenario. Thus, an understanding of its construction is required so that it can be strengthened.

Health; Education; Intersectoral action; Social effectiveness

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