Reflexive formation: teachers' representations about the use of reflexive portfolio in the forming of medical doctors and nurses

This research looks at the use of Reflexive Portfolio (RP) in the education of Health professionals at the Professional Practice Unit of Marília Medical School, Brazil. The aim was to analyze how teachers perceive the use of RP in Nursing and Medicine Courses. The qualitative approach was chosen as the research methodology. Data were collected through individual interviews with the teachers. The obtained data were analyzed through content analysis. This analysis enabled the authors to elaborate a synthesis of considerations about the use of the portfolio as a strategy for professional education. According to the interviewed teachers, the RP allowed them to stimulate the students' reflexive capacity and continuously follow up the processes related to their personal and professional development. It was considered a highly innovative and arduous strategy, whose practice required time and dedication from teachers.

Education; Reflexive portfolio; Formative evaluation; Teaching-learning methodology; Problem based learning

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