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Madness and cultural diversity: innovation and rupture in experiences of art and culture from Psychiatric Reform and the field of Mental Health in Brazil

Paulo Amarante Eduardo Henrique Guimarães Torre About the authors

This study seeks to reflect on the innovations that are emerging from psychiatric reform in Brazilian public health provision, particularly through an artistic-cultural movement that seeks to construct new ideas about madness and mental suffering. The article thus analyzes ruptures with the psychiatric paradigm that has been in operation, based on Brazilian artistic-cultural experiences, through a number of art-culture projects in the field of mental health, in which the actors involved in the psychiatric reform process have produced not only new possibilities for life, expression and social inclusion for the subjects of mental suffering, but also the construction of a new social place for madness. Finally, we reflect on changes in the social imaginary heading in the direction of solidarity, in the face of permanence and resistance to change and the emergence of other forms of exclusion and medicalization.

Madness; Art-culture; Psychiatric Reform

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